Investment for everyone : Free Stock Market Ebooks

I believe a lot of you have been feeling the heat of Singapore’s high inflation rate.  Trust me, you’re most probably not alone.  Some of you might be thinking of investing money into stocks and shares especially since after hearing all those glamor tales of Warren Buffet and George Soros, of tenfold /100 folds moneys rolling into their bank account.  Some of you might be inspired by HK serials such as “Da Shi Dai”, whereby DingXie predicted the collapse of the HangSeng Index and bought short on every positions he and his sons can get hold on.

Well, in reality it’s not that easy and it does take some work and studying for everyone who wants to get into it proper.  Remember, this is like engineering, except it engineering for numbers.  I choose to believe that God has implanted patterns into every chart movement that can be resolve by some mathematical formula.

Some comes the difficult part, who formula to use? Imagine it to be like having a vivid dream which you wake up to and then you try to decipher that dreams into 4 digits for your weekly investment in 4D. But of course S&S bring about so much more satisfaction.

In order to ease you into this path of investment enlightenment, I have gathered some ebooks so you do not have to buy your way into useless seminars (well some of them could be useful but most are just Spaminars like those advertised in Newpaper) or books.

Introduction to Forex

This e-book explains what the Forex market is all about an how to get started trading it.

Download Introduction to Forex

The Trader Business Plan

In this e-book, Christopher Terry explains how to put together a trading plan including methodologies, goal setting, and record keeping.

Download The Trader Business Plan

Charting Made Easy

This is a great primer for new traders. This e-book covers all forms of technical analysis including support/resistance, trendlines, and chart patterns.

Download Charting Made Easy

The Truth About Fibonacci Trading

Want to learn more about Fibonacci? Here, Bill Poulos takes you step by step into the world of Fibonacci including retracements and extensions.

Download The Truth About Fibonacci

The E-Book of Technical Market Indicators

This e-book contains a wealth of information on market indicators including advance/decline indicators, short sale statistics, and sentiment

Download The E-book of Technical Market Indicators

A Practical Guide To Swing Trading

Larry Swing teaches you all about swing trading in this e-book. In it you will learn about candlesticks, trends, moving averages and much more.

Download A Practical Guide to Swing Trading

Secrets of Millionaire Traders

This covers 25 secrets that were collected from interviews with millionaire traders. There is some great wisdom contained in this e-book.

Download Secrets of Millionaire Traders

Day Trading Mind

This e-book offers some great tips to stay focused on your trading. Mainly for day traders.

Download Day Trading Mind

Pattern Cycles

Here Alan Farley talks about bottom reversals, breakouts, trends, and even Elliott Wave theory.

Download Pattern Cycles

Swing Trading Using Candlestick Charting

In this e-book, John Person explains candlestick charting and pivot point analyis.

Download Swing Trading Using Candlestick Charting

Keys To Top Trading Profits

18 trading champions share their keys to trading profits. Includes interviews with George Lane (stochastics), Larry Williams, and Linda Bradford Raschke.

Download Keys To Top Trading Profits

Three Swing Trading Examples

Alan Farley shows three swing trading examples with charts, instructions, and definitions to get you started.

Download Three Swing Trading Examples

7 Habits Of A Highly Successful Traders

Here Mark Crisp discusses the seven habbits that successful traders have.

Download 7 Habits

Secrets of Successful Traders

Ok, this one isn’t free but it’s very good and has helped my trading. It costs 49 US dollars (£25 or so) and there’s a money back guarantee if it doesn’t work for you.

Click here


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  1. victor on

    happy new year

  2. Just'passin on

    A “Trader” is different from an “Investor”.

    Warren Buffet is an Investor.

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