Daily Rant : Don’t you get the feeling that money buys LESS these days?

I was at my friend’s for a visit an stayed over 12.  He kept a huge collection of old-time comics which really brought back fond memories of those days where I would sneak Dragonball/Old Master Q into classes and pretend to look interested.

Thereafter I took a cab back to my place, and Both of us live in Tampines.  Guess what, the bill came out @ $6.  yes, for a trip less than 2km, it was 6 dollars.

It was infuriating. I wish I earn that amount everytime I do a 2.4km run.

And this is just a service product. For any individual, the biggest asset one can own is probably this. His Home. But a pity that commodity is the one rising the fastest these days.

Inflation is sky high now and that is not going to stop. I have repeatedly mentioned that property prices in Singapore have been kept artificially low, but now with the surge of investment money with all the high profile acts in singapore, prices are set to soar like never before.

Yes, it will be unprecedented.

Yes, our prices will join the ranks of Hong Kong, Japan soon. If not, we are already on our way there. There is no running away. Especially with Singapore’s policy in welcoming foreign talents, we are already on our way to a vicious cycle.

Cycle 1:

more foreigners >> less housing available >> higher prices

Cycle 2:

High profile acts (F1, IR) >> Red hot asian investment outlook >> more foreign investment coming in >> speculation in properties

There is an urgent need to make your money work even harder for you now. Sometimes I don’t really understand why is it that one can pour some much time into their mundane office work and yet cannot afford to spare some time to sort out what to do with money on their hands.



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