21 Funny Signs For Make Benefit Your Happy [PICS]

It’s about that time, where I have nothing better to do but give you a collection of things worth seeing. This time, signs. I have a couple of my own contributions, I just need to get a new camera first.

If I had a business that enabled me to put up signs, I would definitely have fun with it.

Here are some pictures of the more clever signs that I’ve come across on the web.

Reach Jesus faster

The church wants to help kill you

I knew this technique would work

Drop your pants and get serviced

Mommy, where do crabs come from?

Dirty Dick’s is the place for crabs

Short and sweet

Trespass and die

Also short, but not so sweet.

Old people’s stuff

Red between the lines, get between my legs

Clever clever

In other words, don’t be an idiot…

Ouch, now thats smarts

Or you’ll end up in this cemetery, run by Nelson.

Ha Ha Cemetery

One of my favorites.

Don’t throw things at dangerous beasts

That’s how it is in this here parts.

That’s the way it goes ’round here

Who let the dogs out?

A message to all dogs

Read this one, and read it carefully.


Smells like fish…

Master Bait & Tackle


Clear enough?

Ever wanted to get rid of your kids?

Kids will be slaves

She took half. Help a brother out!

Gotta make that money back

Nuclear war, no problem. Cancer…


Ahh, the sensation

Ahh the sensation

Confucius lives!

Ha ha, poolice

You be Bush, I’ll be Cheney.

Bad decisions together

Damn, so much for Sunday mass

The church lets us down


1 comment so far

  1. Keira on

    Wow, did you compile all of these?? Some of them brought a silly grin on my face in class. You should be careful about what you post up. 😛 I love the trespassing sign, and the children slave one. Hee.

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