13 creative billlboard

Damn this was an expensive billboard. But I guess it’s worth it if people stop to pose for photos by it.

Billboard - Cingular Hate Dropped Calls

Ouch. This billboard comes with biting satire at no extra charge.

Billboard - Closet Space Right to Choose

I don’t know if this is real, but it is hilarious!

Billboard - Enjoy Minnesota

Would you like a side of irony with that order?

Billboard - McDonalds + Obesity

I don’t want to be the guy that had to install this billboard.

Billboard - Rejoice Comb

Strippers vs. Church – Photo by ktbugs23

Billboard - What Are You Looking At?

Paul Stamatiou caught this defaced Starbucks billboard. (Paul, you weren’t documenting your own handiwork were you? -) )

Billboard - Starbucks Vandalized

I didn’t know that sex precluded one from becoming an engineer. But that explains a lot…

Billboard - Sex Can Wait

Well, they aren’t pulling any punches with this one are they?

Billboard - Liquid Panty Remover

I’ve got to say, this is a completely lame billboard to start with.

Billboard - Speeding What's Your Excuse?

Pure Genius.

Billboard - Sharp Knife

Must have been the same ad team as the knives above. Simply genius.

Billboard - Bic Razor

Notice, this ad is for the Special Forces. Do you see where the brochures are located?

Billboard - Army Take a Brochure

Edit 9/13: Here are a couple more sent over by Johny

Billboard Silberman's Fitness
Sweatex Billboard

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  1. Keira on

    I like the knife and the shaver one. Heh.

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