10 Super Useful Articles You Should Check Out Today

Here is a collection of some super useful articles that can help you today in the following areas:

1. Marketing: Guerrilla Marketing by John Lampard of disassociated.com. Describes with words and pictures an offline marketing idea for bloggers or any online business to try. It’s so simple, yet powerful, and I bet you never thought of it!

2. Time Management: Managing Time and Projects with Outlook 2007 by Rob of 7Breaths. Nice concise overview with screenshots.

3. Website Stats: Using Google Analytics: Referring Sites by designer and blogger David Airey. A first in a series of mini tutorials on using Google’s free web site stats service.

4. Virtual Computing: Cyber Minimalist by Leo Babauta of Zenhabits.net. How he works almost completely online and how you can too! Pretty cool.

5. Sales: The Dos and Don’ts of Selling to Clients by Tim Wall and Andrea Decker from Freelance Switch. Very practical sales success tips for freelancers.

6. Parenting & Household: 5 Back to School Sanity Savers by Charlene of Casual Keystrokes. This article gives very specific, simple, and useful information on how families can get organized for the school year and how to set up systems to keep it that way!

7. To-Do Lists: 10 Tips for Pruning Your To-Do List by gtdfrk of Getting Things Done blog. If your to-do list is too long, this is a good place to start getting it under control.

8. Blogging: 31 Days to Building a Better Blog by Darren Rowse of Problogger.net. How does FREE blog training sound to you? What if I told you it was written by one of the most successful and knowledgeable bloggers in the blogosphere? Now how much would you pay for this? Oops, I forgot. It’s FREE! Check it out.

9. Starting Your Own Business: How to Build Your Business Before Quitting Your Day Job by Peter Paul Roosen & Tatsuya Nakagawa at Lifehack.org. Excellent tips to consider before making the leap from your job to starting your own business full time.

10. Frugal Living: What I’m Doing Right a guest post by m over at GetRichSlowly.org. This post describes how one couple, living in San Francisco, finds ways to save money and live a life that they love. Not all the ideas are for everyone, but they just may inspire you to find ways to find your own ways of living more simply and frugally for a better quality of life.


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