Tips on keeping your bank account in the black(tho I dun know that bacnk account can go into the red, they’ll just close your account)

living in Singapore is not cheap. We are getting more expensive. We have Expats here complaining that rent has skyrocketed so much that they can’t stay here anymore, especially since their wages have not kept up with the rent boom. I wonder why it mostly come from Australians though.

An then there is the 7% GST, which is really a pain in the ass. I mean I can understand why the goverment would wanna do this, too many hawker under-declaring their income so they dun have to pay taxes, too many blood sucking insurance agents(i can include property agents too) not paying their dues. So what’s the logical thing to do? Tax you on what you spend of cse!
You can’t run away from that, unless you buy your car from eBay…

I’m not really good at saving. If you ask me to think about how to come-up with a top ten list on how to save money, I’ll probably state the obvious:

1. Eat less
2. Spend less
3. Defecate less?

But the net has its mentors who’s being paid to think about that (problog). If they’re not , den it’s probably alot of passion or a lot of time.

But here’s a good one for a good read.

How to live like a frugal spinster


2 comments so far

  1. Keira on

    Heehee, you’re encouraging my frugal habits! 😛

  2. Mr Lychee on

    haha yeah when i cam across this, i was thinking abt posting this for ur purview

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